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April 29 2017

IX LO im. Klementyny Hoffmanowej w Warszawie, fot. F. Springer
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For example, the British will say "have you had breakfast this morning," but Americans will often say "did you have breakfast this morning." There is no difference in grammar; the difference is in the fact that Americans often think of the morning as being past history, whereas the British tend to see breakfast as still being part of the day, at least for a longer time than Americans do. Both groups use the past simple to describe things that they perceive to be unconnected with the present, and both groups use the present perfect to describe things that they perceive to be connected with the present. The difference is in the perception, not the grammar.
The present perfect in American English (AE). | Antimoon Forum
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April 19 2017

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April 10 2017

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Woke up this morning and painted a commissioned piece for a friend of mine.

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March 27 2017

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Ale jeśli życie czegoś mnie nauczyło, to tego, że wyborów należy dokonywać samodzielnie, a nie spełniać oczekiwania innych.
— Graham Masterton
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March 25 2017

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my next life
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March 11 2017

Image may contain: 1 person, text and outdoor Paterson (2016)
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March 07 2017

Created and sent in by Queen of Arts Studio
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Jestem przekonany, że istnieją fajne związki. Tylko, że każdy musi znaleźć na nie swój własny sposób. To jak z kreatywnością – zaczyna się ona tam, gdzie kończy się burza mózgów i pomysły rzucane po: „Eeee… i jeszcze ten…”. Dopiero jak wyrzucisz z głowy pomysły innych ludzi możesz mieć spoko relację, która nie będzie oparta na spełnianiu oczekiwań osób, z którymi się nie bzykasz i nie dzielisz z nimi rachunków.

— Volant
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March 03 2017

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In the Polish village of Zalipie, all the buildings are covered in painted flowers. Over 100 years ago, when everyone had wood-burning stoves, someone painted a flower on their ceiling to cover a soot stain, and it became a trend. In 1948, the town started an annual painted cottage competition to help recover psychologically from WWII, and now all the homes, churches, bridges and barns are covered in flowers – inside and out. Source Source 2

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