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July 01 2017

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Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

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May 27 2017

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You could build three hospitals with the cost of one film and I take it very seariously.
— Helen Mirren
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An Idea To Prevent A Nuclear War

“My suggestion was quite simple: Put that needed code number in a little capsule, and then implant that capsule right next to the heart of a volunteer. The volunteer would carry with him a big, heavy butcher knife as he accompanied the President. If ever the President wanted to fire nuclear weapons, the only way he could do so would be for him first, with his own hands, to kill one human being. The President says, “George, I’m sorry but tens of millions must die.” He has to look at someone and realize what death is—what an innocent death is. Blood on the White House carpet. It’s reality brought home.”
- Richard Fisher, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (1981)

Never forget that part of the reason this system was never implemented was that when he presented it to his colleagues, their response was IIRC “George, that’s terrible! If he has to take an innocent life, he may never press the button.”

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April 29 2017

IX LO im. Klementyny Hoffmanowej w Warszawie, fot. F. Springer
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For example, the British will say "have you had breakfast this morning," but Americans will often say "did you have breakfast this morning." There is no difference in grammar; the difference is in the fact that Americans often think of the morning as being past history, whereas the British tend to see breakfast as still being part of the day, at least for a longer time than Americans do. Both groups use the past simple to describe things that they perceive to be unconnected with the present, and both groups use the present perfect to describe things that they perceive to be connected with the present. The difference is in the perception, not the grammar.
The present perfect in American English (AE). | Antimoon Forum
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April 19 2017

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April 10 2017

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Woke up this morning and painted a commissioned piece for a friend of mine.

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March 27 2017

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Ale jeśli życie czegoś mnie nauczyło, to tego, że wyborów należy dokonywać samodzielnie, a nie spełniać oczekiwania innych.
— Graham Masterton
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March 25 2017

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my next life
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March 11 2017

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